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Peter Moore: Kotaku "reveling in self-smugness" over Riccitiello

The EA COO takes to Facebook to defend John Riccitiello's legacy, calls it a "sad day" for the industry

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts COO and potential candidate to become the publisher's next CEO in the wake of John Riccitiello's resignation, has made it a habit of late to call out some members of the media. Earlier this month, in a comments thread on GamesIndustry International he accused Videogamer of fabricating a story about Dead Space, and now the executive has taken to Facebook to protest Kotaku's highlighting "The Best John Riccitiello Jokes Twitter Has to Offer."

"Kotaku reveling in what, due to their self-smugness, they don't realize is a sad day for our industry, which is the platform on which they actually make money. John not only helped propel our company and interactive entertainment into new experiences, thus enticing millions of new people to become 'gamers', his work leading the ESA in recent years has helped ensure that we don't experience the fate of the music industry," Moore said of his former boss. "Sad loss for all of us who had the pleasure of working with him as we emerged from The Burning Platform."

Others from the industry also chimed in. Former Epic Games boss Mike Capps, who recently stepped down from his advisory role at Epic, commented, "Indeed. I doubt we can shout louder than the misinformed, but it's still worth speaking up!"

Former IGN editor Hilary Goldstein added, "I don't often quote the Bible, but I will this time: 'Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.' One of the reasons the games industry struggles to be taken seriously is that it is criticized by amateurs. And yes, I am aware I ran IGN once."

Riccitiello, himself, very briefly joined the conversation on Facebook to simply say "Thanks all."

Investors, who were largely growing more and more impatient with EA and Riccitiello everyday, today have reacted positively to the news, as the stock has been up in after hours trading. We'll have much more on the Riccitiello departure, what it means for EA, and possible replacements soon. Stay tuned.

Update: Peter Moore, keeping a watchful eye on Kotaku, has now praised the publication for its more recent editorial on Riccitiello's legacy (which we recommend you read as well).

"To their credit, Kotaku offering up a more balanced view of John, his service to the industry, and his accomplishments while CEO here at EA. Nicely done..." Moore commented about the Kotaku article in a recent post on Facebook.

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