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OnLive chairman: "I've had the opposite of buyer's remorse"

Cloud gaming service adds a new SVP of engineering

Chairman of OnLive Gary Lauder has addressed the public to clear up any misunderstandings about the company's recent reincarnation, and to introduce a new SVP of engineering for the cloud gaming service.

"When the restructuring of OnLive happened in August, many misunderstood it to mean that the service and company were shutting down," said Lauder in a blog post, referring to last October's sale and rebirth as a new company.

"Neither occurred, nor did we go bankrupt. We should have communicated better. As Mark Twain wrote, 'The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.' Same with us. Our service continued without interruption both in the USA and overseas, and we have about 90 employees."

Lauder took over the company seven months ago after what he called "a financing mishap" and said he had the "opposite of buyer's remorse: buyer's elation."

He was also keen to announce the appointment of a new SVP of engineering in Don Gordon. Gordon was previously vice president of broadcast solutions at Gracenote, and has also worked at Bulldog United, ActiveVideo Networks and Microsoft TV.

"He attracts tremendous talent that remains loyal to him," said Lauder of the new team member.

"He is an inventor with more than 55 US patents in interactive TV and video technologies, and his innovations have already redefined the Smart TV as we know it. Don is the epitome of a 'creative technologist,' with all the right skills in his toolbox to lead OnLive into the future."

Lauder said that together they were focused on developing the current products, OnLive Game Service and OnLive Desktop, and expanding "the uses of the underlying technology," and added that the company would have a presence at both GDC next week and E3 later in the year.

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