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Judge slashes Apple's Samsung damages by $450m

New trial may be necessary to assess initial $1 billion dollar award

The $1.05 billion awarded to Apple in its patent dispute with Samsung has been slashed by $450 million.

According to a report on AllThingsD, Judge Lucy Koh has ordered a new trial due to the initial award being based on an "impermissible legal theory."

In her ruling, Koh said that the court, "cannot reasonably calculate the amount of excess while effectuating the intent of the jury, [so] the Court hereby orders a new trial on damages for the following products: Galaxy Prevail, Gem, Indulge, Infuse 4G, Galaxy SII AT&T, Captivate, Continuum, Droid Charge, Epic 4G, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Tab, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, and Transform."

The damages awarded for those products amounted to $450 million, and unless Apple and Samsung can settle the matter out of court, a new trial will be held later this year.

"Samsung intends to seek further review as to the remaining award," a spokesman for Samsung said. "We are also pleased that the court earlier found that Samsung had not acted wilfully, denied Apple's request for a permanent injunction, and denied Apple's motion for increased damages."

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