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Club Penguin execs form new digital studio

Hyper Hippo will make digital games for your kiddies

Two executives from Disney's Club Penguin have formed Hyper Hippo Productions, a studio focused on creating digital experience for children. Club Penguin co-founder Lance Priebe and former studio head Pascale Audette hope that their new studio will create games that encourage socially-responsible behavior.

"We are dedicated to creating a fantastic studio that will not only radically change how the industry perceives digital entertainment, but one that will positively impact children's lives for years to come," said Audette. "In addition, it is important for us to invest in our local community through initiatives that increase the technology footprint in Kelowna, and in the global community through social outreach programs. Simply, our end goal is to make a positive impact in the world."

Hyper Hippo's first game will be Mech Mice, a story-based strategy game for ages 10 and up. The game is scheduled for release in 2013, with an open beta planned this summer.

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