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Paradox Interactive expands into digital book market

First titles will include behind the scenes look at Minecraft

Not content with publishing games, Paradox Interactive has just revealed its new e-book publishing arm, Paradox Books.

"We've spent more than a decade creating and telling compelling stories through our computer games, stories that have engaged and captivated people from all parts of the globe, and books are just another medium to get those stories out there and engage with our audience," said CEO Fredrik Wester.

"Add to that the fact that our company was founded on pen and paper role-playing games and books, and that we have several published authors amongst our ranks here at Paradox, so this felt like a very natural progression for us."

Its first titles will be A Year with Mojang: Behind the Scenes of Minecraft by Tomas Arnroth, a "narrative strategy guide" for Hearts of Iron III and a novel, Coriolis by Mattias Lilja who just happens to be an executive producer at Paradox Interactive.

Paradox Interactive is based in Stockholm, and its games include Crusader Kings II, Victoria II: A House Divided and Pride Of Nations. In 2006 it launched digital distribution service GamersGate.

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