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THQ auction for remaining IP raises nearly $7 million

Darksiders and Red Faction find their way closer to new, unnamed owners

Bidding in the auction of THQ's remaining intellectual property has closed, with the final offers still awaiting court approval. According to court documents, there are a total of 17 bids with an estimated total of $6 to $7 million. Bids were due on April 15, and the offers will be presented to the court in May. No details on which properties were the big winners in the auction.

The auction included the rights for Darksiders, Red Faction, the MX series, and THQ's entire slate of licensed software. THQ was originally hoping to have the process completed by mid-May, but now the company is hoping to have everything done by the end of May.

Crytek USA CEO David Adams expressed interest in trying to acquire the Darksiders IP, which was developed by the studio under its previous name, Vigil Games. The Homeworld IP was also a contender, with TeamPixel having gone through a successful Kickstarter drive to acquire the rights. Another bidder beat out TeamPixel for the Homeworld IP, leading to the company refunding the $58,644 raised.

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