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Dubit hires new games writer

Richard Boon joins the team at family friendly developer

Veteran games writer Richard Boon is the latest addition to the team at Dubit, the Leeds-based developer behind games like The Time Tribe and Sand Dollar City.

"Whether children are enjoying our games on a tablet, mobile phone or a browser, strong storytelling techniques are integral to the titles we develop," said CTO Matthew Warneford.

"This extends beyond pure narrative and also involves mechanics and player interactions. But writing for games is very different to writing for TV or books, and it is here where Richard's wealth of knowledge and experience will benefit the work we do for our clients."

The new writer's past writing projects include work for Nintendo, Sony, and THQ and Boon has also written a number of books, including 21st Century Game Design with Chris Bateman.

"My role at Dubit involves designing games with sensitivity to the player's experience as an actor within a narrative space," added Boon.

"As the premier storytelling form of the 20th century, games require a very specific understanding as narrative experiences."

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