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New Square Enix president to "fundamentally review" company

Yosuke Matsuda also names European CEO Phil Rogers as next director of Square Enix Holdings

Square Enix's next president Yosuke Matsuda has indicated the need for a hard-line policy to assess the company's priorities, and named Square Enix Europe's Phil Rogers the next director of Square Enix Holdings.

At a press conference in Japan yesterday, translated by Siliconera, Matsuda stated his intention to review the company's entire portfolio of IP and assets on a, "zero-based budgeting standpoint."

"Due to the radical change of environment, I'd like to fundamentally review what works and what doesn't work for our company, then cast all of our resources towards extending what makes us successful and thoroughly squeezing out what doesn't," he said.

Matsuda also indicated that Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers will be named the new director of Square Enix Holdings, spreading control over the company's future direction across Japan and Europe.

Former president and CEO Yoichi Wada was also in attendance. Wada's resignation as CEO of Square Enix will go into effect on June of 2013, but he will remain at the company in an as yet undisclosed capacity.

"As an employee, I believe it is my duty to help the company and give proper results from it," Wada said. "I will be retiring from the line of management, but I plan to work on site as a way to pay my debt to the company."

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