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Pachter: Price drop won't help Wii U

Analyst forecasts yet another bad month of sales in the US for Nintendo's console and says even a price cut wouldn't be enough to help

The NPD Group will report its US video game retail data this Thursday, and in a preview note Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter commented that he's expecting Nintendo to post yet another weak month of Wii U sales. For the Wii U's fifth month on the market, he's forecasting that Nintendo sold just 55,000 units, which would represent a 17 percent decline month-over-month. Moreover, Pachter's expecting this slide to continue for Wii U, even if Nintendo chooses to implement a price cut.

"The only key hardware device to underperform our expectations was the Wii U," Pachter said of last month's numbers, "and its fortunes appear unlikely to improve for several months, even if Nintendo decides to drop price, as there are an insufficient number of core titles that are generating interest in the console. We think that core gamers are far more likely to turn their attention to the PS4 (due in the holiday season) and the next Xbox, which we believe will be unveiled before E3 and have a launch alongside that of the PS4, and believe that the long-term appeal of the Wii U will be severely limited by the perception that the PS4 and next Xbox will be much more powerful with greater online integration and multimedia functionality."

And if the pricing on the PS4 and next Xbox is reasonable, it could really put Wii U in a bind, Pachter added: "Should the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft be price competitive, we think that Wii U sales may continue to stagnate." In fact, Pachter believes that next-gen consoles are likely to be subsidized and will therefore look even more affordable to consumers.

"We think that the next-generation consoles will perform a wide range of multimedia functions. We should learn more in the coming months, but we expect the next Xbox to have an IPTV tuner that will allow an MSO to deliver services over the Internet outside of the MSO's regulated geographic boundaries. If we are right, any of Microsoft's MSO partners will have an incentive to subsidize the purchase of the next Xbox in exchange for a long-term service commitment (similar to the cell phone model). If the subsidies are steep, it is likely that the next Xbox will appear more affordable to many consumers than currently anticipated, and it may capture market share faster than many expect. We don't expect Sony to sit idly by watching, and believe that the PS4 will follow Microsoft's lead in short order, suggesting to us that next-generation consoles could have lower starting prices than any in history," he said.

As for March retail game sales overall, Pachter expects the numbers to be up slightly (just one percent) thanks to big AAA releases like Gears of War: Judgment, Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite.

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