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Ouya beaten by phones in benchmark tests

Futuremark ranks it at 73 in a list of Android devices

Recent tests on the upcoming Ouya console suggest that it's already lagging behind Android smartphones when it comes to technical capabilities.

Futuremark rated 258 Android devices according to its 3DMark benchmark tests, and the Ouya appeared at 73 in terms of performance, trailing behind both mobile phones like the HTC One and the LG Nexus 4, and tablets like the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

James Cootes, lead developer of the Nottingham Android games studio Crystalline Green recently used 3DMark's benchmark tests on the Ouya, and posted the results as a YouTube video, one that you can see below. The tests were run on a dev kit rather than a retail machine, but show that the Tegra 3 T33 is already behind other Android devices when it comes to sheer technical capability.

Recent previews of the console by a number of websites were less than complimentary about its current readiness for the retail market, citing controller issues, a lack of games and accessibility for the average gamer.

The Ouya will retail at $99 and is due for general retail release in June. The device is already available to developers and those that backed it on Kickstarter, where it raised 8,596,474 from 63,416.

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