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Sony's House wants female devs on PS4

“Not going down the route of making the console pink" to attract female gamers

Sony Computer Entertainment's president and chief executive Andrew House has spoken briefly about how the company plans to make the new PlayStation 4 console more attractive to female and casual gamers.

"We are not going down the route of making the console pink of course," he told The Sun.

"I think the key is to have people - and increasingly women - with different sensibilities creating different games. It is not all about shoot 'em up games."

He also suggested that the touchpad on the consoles controller would make it a more attractive platform for casual games.

"The key is getting games developers - who are going to make the next Angry Birds - excited about the PS4. And they are."

Recently the consoles lead system architect, Mark Cerny, also explained how this time around Sony had built a much more developer friendly machine.

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