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SpecialEffect announces One Special Day 2019

Over 50 game companies join global fundraising effort for players with disabilities

Accessibility charity SpecialEffect has announced the return of its annual fundraising event, One Special Day.

Scheduled for Friday, October 4 this year, it has over 50 partners including Sega, Codemasters, Jagex and Zynga.

As ever, some companies will be donating an entire day's income from sales, while others will stage their own fundraising events.

Since launching in 2016, One Special Day has raised over £900,000 with support from developers and players around the world.

All proceeds go directly to SpecialEffect so it can continue its work making games accessible to people with disabilities.

"We're overjoyed with the response again this year and very grateful to our One Special Day partners," said CEO and founder, Dr Mick Donegan.

"The day unites the worldwide games industry and their fantastic communities of gamers because they all understand what incredible work we're doing here.

"SpecialEffect has a profoundly positive impact on the lives of disabled gamers and events like One Special Day play a huge role in enabling us to reach more in the coming year." Also signing up this year is Rocksteady, Space Ape, Miniclip, Seriously, Outfit7 and Rare.

"Because of their unique work, SpecialEffect hold a special place in our hearts, and indeed the whole of the video games industry, so we're looking forward to making One Special Day 2019 the biggest so far," said Rare studio head Craig Duncan.

Rich Eddy, director of communications at Jagex, added: "Our RuneScape community has celebrated SpecialEffect's incredible work for many years, so there was no question that Jagex would be a proud supporter of this year's event and play a big part in One Special Day.

"By putting the fun and inclusion back into the lives of those with physical disabilities to play video games, the work of SpecialEffect really levels the playing field."

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