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Humble Bundle names Yogscast as first curation partner

Yogscast Game Store will benefit War Child, give devs better cut than Steam

YouTube entertainment collective Yogscast has been named as the first external curation partner for a Humble Bundle store, with ten per cent of all revenue going to the charity War Child.

Yogscast will take a five per cent cut and Humble Bundle ten per cent. The remaining 75 per cent goes to developers, a better cut than they could expect from Steam itself.

The curated games will be those which are played by the presenters on Yogscast's 23 channel family of YouTube shows, which have a total of over seven million subscribers between them.

"We have a great relationship with the guys at Humble Bundle, having worked with them to create a charity bundle last Christmas so this seemed like a perfect fit," said Mark Turpin, CEO of Yogscast. "With the support of a bunch of generous developers, the Yogscast bundle raised more than $1.1m for charity."

The store is already live, with a wide selection of games for sale on PC, Mac and Android.

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