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Tiny Death Star pulled from app store, devs "had no prior knowledge"

NimbleBit's game taken down by Disney after just 11 months

Tiny Death Star has been pulled from both the Android and iOS app stores by publisher Disney Mobile Studios. That in itself isn't an unusual move, but Disney failed to inform the developer, NimbleBit, that it would be doing so.

"We're very disappointed to see Tiny Death Star shuttered less than a year after launch," NimbleBit founder Ian Marsh told GameInformer.

"We had no prior knowledge that the game would be removed and no longer even have a contact at Disney after the recent layoffs. Suffice to say if you're a developer looking to partner with Disney this might not be the partnership you're looking for."

Tiny Death Star was released in November 2013 and according to Marsh was still making money for NimbleBit.

"My assumption is they don't feel it is worth it to maintain the game any longer," Marsh told PocketGamer.

"[The game was] a significant source of revenue for us, so it stings that much more."

Disney also removed Star Wars Assault Team from both stores, a title which had only been live for five months.

Gamezebo reported that, according to their source, both games were now permanently retired so Disney can focus on its other title, Star Wars Commander. We've contacted Disney directly for clarification.

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