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Iwata returns to work after tumor removal

Nintendo president says he feels healthier after growth removed from bile duct

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has resumed his full duties after having a tumor removed several months ago, according to a Reuters report. Iwata had surgery to remove the growth in his bile duct in June, forcing him to skip the Electronic Entertainment Expo on his physician's orders.

Appearing before the press to present Nintendo's first half earnings, Iwata said he had lost some weight, but still felt healthier overall.

In some ways, Nintendo's financial health mirrored that of its president, as the company said it was "gathering momentum" after a rough patch for the Wii U console. For the six-month period, Nintendo posted revenues up nearly 13 percent year-over-over and net profits of ¥14.2 billion ($131.5 million), about 24 times the slim margin it posted at the same point in its last fiscal year.

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