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Gree and Line form Epic Voyage, Inc.

New company will produce games for Line's mobile platform

Japanese companies Gree and Line have announced the formation of a framework agreement to form a new development outfit focused on producing games for Line's mobile gaming platform.

Epic Voyage, Inc. is intended to maximise Gree's development capabilities and Line's distribution network, helping both companies to build on their domestic market whilst establishing new connections abroad.

Since beginning service in November 2012, Line Game has released games developed in-house and in conjunction with third-party content providers to players through the Line platform, establishing its identity and raising its profile as a gaming platform," commented Jun Masuda, chief strategy and marketing officer for Line. "The service has recently concentrated a greater share of its effort on expanding globally in order to transcend the domestic Japanese market and provide high quality gaming content to the entire world.

"GREE is the largest developer of native apps in Japan. Their developmental expertise and impressive track record is exactly what LINE GAME needs at this stage, and all of us here at LINE are extremely excited by the opportunity to create a new business venture together. We hope to leverage the strengths of the LINE platform to provide better games than ever to players around the world."

The company is expected to be formally founded at the end of this month, with an initial capital of 10 million Yen.

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