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Xbox One sales in China already top Japan

Over 100,000 units sold during its first week on sale, according to Chinese media

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in China, the first video game console there in 14 years, on September 29, only two days before the "golden week holiday." Considering it's the first console to be sold since the ban, it's hard to judge performance, but Chinese news site (via Kotaku) has reported that Xbox One did sell more than 100,000 units during its first week in China. To compare that to another Asian territory, Xbox One could only sell about 30,000 units during its first month in Japan.

Our own Rob Fahey believes that Xbox has problems outside of any Anglo-American markets, but if Microsoft is able to continue racking up sales in China, that theory may be disproved. Zhang and Shanghai Media Group, the parent company of Microsoft's China partner BesTV, noted that the goal is to sell over 1 million Xbox One consoles in China within a year.

Time will tell just how successful Microsoft will be in China, but the company certainly has its share of skeptics. Developer American McGee, who's based in Shanghai, proclaimed back in May that Xbox One would fail in China. He noted that the impact of piracy is massive and that most gamers get their entertainment fix on mobile and PC in the country.

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