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Marc Whitten swaps Amazon for Unity

Former Xbox exec left Amazon five months after rolling out the Luna streaming service

Marc Whitten has left Amazon to join Unity Technologies, just five months after launching the company's Luna cloud gaming service.

Whitten joined Amazon in June 2016 as vice president of its Entertainment Devices and Services division -- that covered Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Kindle, Amazon Appstore and, most recently, Luna.

The cloud service started to roll out in September last year. However, despite the service still being in an "early access" form, Whitten left for a new role this month.

As VGC noted, Whitten's decision to depart Amazon to become general manager of Unity Create was handled quietly given the importance of both positions.

Luna is Amazon's entry into the emerging game streaming market, which took a very public blow recently when Google announced the abrupt closure of its first-party studios for its own Stadia platform.

Whitten was previously chief product officer at Xbox, but he left to join the audio tech firm Sonos in 2014.

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