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PS5 to launch in China in Q2 2021

Sony's console is currently going through the "final preparations" before launch in mainland China

Sony is to launch the PlayStation 5 in mainland China during Q2 2021.

The news was shared by Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai in a New Year greetings video from president Tatsuo Eguchi and vice-chairman Soeda Takehito, as reported by Niko Partners' senior analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter.

Ahmad added that the PS5 was originally given the greenlight to market in December, and is currently going through the last stages of the process, including "the relevant approval of software."

He added that Sony's official mainland China version of the console will likely have an "online services region lock at launch."

"Currently, players in China are importing consoles from overseas markets such as Japan and the US," he added.

The PS4 launched in November 2013 in most regions and in China in March 2015, having been delayed from its initial January 2015 release date. In 2019, talked to Soeda about Sony's struggles and triumphs at gaining a foothold in the Chinese market.

The Playstation 5 sold 4.5 million units as of November 2020, with Sony expecting to shift 14.8 million units within the next fiscal year. The console launched in India earlier this month.

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