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Homefront game director leaves Crytek - report

Hasit Zala quits amidst mounting evidence of unrest at Crytek UK

The situation at Crytek UK has deteriorated even further, with new reports indicating that Homefront: The Revolution's game director has now left the company.

Hasit Zala started at Free Radical Design back in 1999, and he stayed with the studio when Crytek acquired it back in 2009. He took leading roles on the development of the multiplayer modes for Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, and, significantly, he was game director on Homefront: The Revolution - the only announced project in development at Crytek UK.

Now, Kotaku has received word that Zala has left Crytek, which is bad news for both the studio - Zala's experience and history will be difficult to replace - and the future of Homefront.

Crytek UK's development manager Ben Harris also left the studio this month. However, Harris is now employed as solutions manager at Switch Concepts Ltd.. so it is unclear whether his departure was a direct result of the ongoing situation at Crytek.

Indeed, Crytek has remained more-or-less silent on the exact nature of that situation. Reports that Crytek UK's staff hadn't been paid in months started to surface in late June, an accusation that the company denied. However, there was no official response to the mounting evidence of an employee walkout earlier this month.

Crytek has not responded to our requests for comment.

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