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DRM not the way to fight piracy - Paradox

CEO Fredrik Wester would rather incentivize those who purchase than punish those who steal

True to its moniker, Magicka developer Paradox is fighting piracy by not fighting piracy. Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester shared his thoughts on the matter with GameSpot, saying he dislikes digital rights management (DRM) schemes.

"It can punish players who actually bought the game," Wester said. "I remember buying Civilization III, and I couldn't install it because I had something else installed. I had to uninstall two different programs, change was a hassle."

On the other hand, those who pirated the game had a faster, more convenient experience. Wester would prefer those who actually purchase his games receive the optimal experience, an attitude that defines the Paradox approach to dealing with piracy.

"I have no idea how many of our games are pirated," Wester said. "We don't really have any intention of finding out or hunting these people. What we want to do is provide people who bought the game legally a better service. With frequent updates; good and convenient services; that's how we fight piracy. I hope it works. I keep my fingers crossed."

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