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World Of Tanks hits 1.1m concurrent users

"In 2013, we put a great amount of effort into growing World of Tanks"

The Russian cluster of free-to-play game World Of Tanks saw over 1,114,000 gamers playing concurrently, according to publisher Wargaming.

"In 2013, we put a great amount of effort into growing World of Tanks, enriching it with new gameplay features and content," said VP of publishing Andrei Yarantsau.

"Tankmen on the Russian servers all play at different times of the day and although their overall number has long since surpassed several million daily active users, the PCCU has been hovering around 900,000 gamers for the past few months. Finally, we've breached the one million mark. We are set to scale even greater heights with considerable improvements planned for World of Tanks in 2014".

Worldwide the game has over 75,000,000 players and was initially released in Russia in 2010. Wargaming is currently working on Xbox 360 version of the MMO, with release expected later this year.

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