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Attempted robbery at Robotoki offices

"I confronted the two males in the lobby" says Bowling

Robotoki, the studio headed up by former Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling, was the scene of an attempted robbery just after 7pm last night.

After facing down the robbers Bowling took to social media to share the news and video of the break in.

"At around 7:20 pm after all the staff had left, with exception to myself and our lead FX artist, two males approached the front door of Robotoki and hit the security glass with a rock and began kicking in the weakened glass," Bowling told Polygon.

"I began running towards the lobby from my second floor office as soon as I heard the rock hit. I confronted the two males in the lobby, where only one had gained entry."

The robbers fled when confronted by Bowling and nothing was taken, but Robotoki is appealing for any information anyone might have about the break in. The company is currently working on zombie title Human Element, but Bowling assured fans that all development assets have been backed up.

It's not the first time the Robotoki offices have been the scene of unwelcome excitement, in May last year the combination of a mistakenly activated panic button and a statue of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Ghost led to a visit from the LAPD.

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