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Valve paid $10.2m to TF2, DotA item creators in 2013

Contributors earned average of $15k each, or $4,348 per item

Valve has shown off new figures representing the scale of its DotA and Team Fortress 2 contributor payouts, highlighting an incredible $10,215,796 worth of payments to just 661 creators over the course of 2013.

That translates to an average earning of over $15,000 for each contributor, or around $4,300 for each of the 2,349 items produced by the community,reports The Verge.

Whilst there's bound to be some variance in the weighting of those payments, Valve seems confident that there's a fairly wide spread of revenues across the userbase. Their productivity and success cannot be questioned - Valve also revealed that over 90 per cent of Team Fortress 2 items are now fan-made, with over 500 million items having been sold to players.

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