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Sony emphasises "second screen" with PlayStation app

Full details of mobile app released, functions will be accessible to devs of all sizes

Sony's PlayStation 4 mobile app will rival the Wii U and Microsoft's SmartGlass by offering "second screen" functions for certain games.

Sony has discussed its mobile strategy for PlayStation 4 in the past, but it has now released a detailed breakdown of the services offered by its mobile app, which will be available for free on iOS and Android.

The app will allow users to exchange text and voice messages and game invitations with their friends, purchase and download content from the online store, and watch recorded and live streamed gameplay footage from their friends' consoles.

More importantly, though, the PlayStation app will give a wide range of developers access to the "second screen" functions that look set to become a defining feature of the coming generation. Speaking with the PlayStation blog, Sony worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida claimed that Sony's intent is to make second screen gameplay as accessible to indies as it is to companies with more resources.

"There are many big publishers creating their own apps for their games, like Watch Dogs or Battlefield, and that's great," he added. "But smaller developers can use PlayStation App to connect to PS4 and load an application, like drawing software for example, so that you don't have to download and install a specific app on your smartphone. It's open to all PS4 developers to use."

GamesIndustry International recently published an extensive, two-part interview with Yoshida on all aspects of Sony's PlayStation business. To read it, click here and here.

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