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Star Citizen reaches $25 million in funding

October the strongest month yet as crowd-funded project nears AAA-level budget

Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen has now raised more than $25 million in funding from its community.

According to a letter published by Chris Roberts, the designer best known for the Wing Commander series, October has been the most lucrative month for Star Citizen to date.

This is particularly surprising given that the game began its crowd-funding push in October last year, when it raised just over $6.2 million through both Kickstarter and private donations. However, public interest in the project has not waned, and a series of stretch goals have pushed Star Citizen to the sort of budget normally reserved for major publishers - Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls, for example, cost around $27 million.

"Even though we've fully funded the base game, every extra dollar helps to make the experience better," Roberts said. "The content we talk about in these stretch goals isn't 'feature creep'; it's elements we've been building and planning that will be all that more impressive with additional resources."

As the game develops, Roberts' earlier assertion that it can, "compete with any AAA game out there," seems more and more likely. Roberts Space Industries has already set a stretch goal for $27 million.

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