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Job losses as Kabam closes Imperium: Galactic War

"I will confirm Kabam continues to have about 50 employees in Austin"

Kabam has confirmed that there will be job losses at its Austin office after it made the decision to cease operations on Imperium: Galactic War.

"We're not commenting on the number of employees who are leaving Kabam but I will confirm Kabam continues to have about 50 employees in Austin and 650 worldwide," corporate communications VP Steve Swasey told Polygon.

"In fact, Kabam is hiring for more than 70 jobs in offices in San Francisco, Beijing, Seoul, Berlin, Vancouver -- and Austin."

While Kabam is being shy about numbers reports from Gamasutra suggest the current total of people affected stands at 23. It says that number includes 20 devs, two QA employees and the community manager.

"Games have to be able to show promise and show future. If a game doesn't, then we discontinue it. That's not atypical of games companies," added Swasey

"It's sad, but you need games that are continually hits."

In June the company reported job losses for a ""small number of employees" as the company shifted its focus to mobile development.

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