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No headset in the box for Xbox One

Microsoft pushing Kinect for voice comms in official statement

Microsoft has risked incurring the wroth of its potential Xbox One audience once more, by revealing that the £429/$499/€499 machine won't come with a headset, although one is available separately. Prices for the separate unit have yet to be made public.

In attempting to mollify consumers who feel that this is a step backwards from the company packaging a headset with all but the lowest priced 360 SKU, Microsoft has tried to play up the function of the microphone-enabled Kinect camera instead.

Having come under fire from the public and the press once more after revealing that customers wanting a headset would need to by one separately, Microsoft issued a statement to Ars Technica explaining the move.

"Xbox One does not include a pack-in headset accessory. Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor, with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences. For gamers who prefer a headset, we have a variety of offerings that you can find on the Xbox Wire."

A new headset adaptor port for the Xbox One controller means that headsets designed for the 360 interface will no be compatible.

For the Xbox One, Microsoft has chosen to make the Kinect camera a compulsory piece of equipment, despite widespread apathy from gamers about the implementation of the first-generation device released for the 360. The inclusion of the device is thought to be a major contributor to the system's relatively high price-point, which exceeds that of the PS4 - priced at $399/€399 and £329 respectively.

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