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Double Fine's Massive Chalice achieves funding goal

The studio's planned strategy game crosses $725,000

Only five days into its Kickstarter funding drive, Double Fine Productions' Massive Chalice has passed its funding goal of $725,000. The drive still has another 23 days left before it closes. Unlike a number of other Kickstarter drives, Massive Chalice doesn't have any specific stretch goals.

"We're asking for the minimum amount to make an awesome game, and the game's scope will grow based on the amount of total backing we receive. There will be ongoing conversations with the community as new features are considered, so stay tuned and let us know what you'd like to see in the game," reads the game's Kickstarter page.

Double Fine's previous Kickstarter drive closed at $3.3 million, with the title now being developed under the name Broken Age. That game was planned for a second quarter 2013 release, but the development schedule has been extended until September. Double Fine is targeting a September 2014 release for Massive Chalice. GamesIndustry International spoke to project lead Brad Muir, who expressed some nervousness about launching a new IP on Kickstarter and defended the game's lack of stretch goals.

"I was really nervous going into it. There were a lot of risks with this project. It's a brand-new IP, it's not based on some legacy game or nostalgic property. It's not a Tim game," said Muir. "With this, we really want people to feel like they're getting in from the very beginning. Their feedback will be listened to. We haven't made all of the decisions yet. It's cooler. They feel like they're more a part of the process and they can see it take shape, as opposed to a lot of these other games."

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