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Latest Source SDK adds Mac, Linux, Occulus Rift support

Valve's 2013 update available from github

Valve has released a 2013 update for the Source Engine SDK, adding support for Mac and Linux systems as well an enabling development for the Occulus Rift.

The SDK will also be available from github for the first time, according to a post announcing the release.

Other changes are relatively minor, including an updated licence agreement intended to make sharing easier for SDK modders, support for dedicated servers on Windows and Linux, the ability to build and run OSX, Windows and Linux clients and the phasing out of the SDK Launcher. Tools previously bundled with the launcher will now be included with the relevant games, instead.

Developer kits for the Occulus Rift have been arriving with backers and early adopters recently, so expect to see some of the profits of VR Source tinkering appearing soon.