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Miyamoto wants to retain product nature of games

Nintendo designer explains why ownership is important

As talk of DRM swirls around the E3 booths, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has explained why he wants Nintendo to continue making products in the style of a more traditional toy company.

"As a consumer you want to be able to keep those things for a long time and have those things from your youth that you can go back to and experience again," he told Eurogamer.

"I really want to retain that product nature of the games that we create so that people can do that and have that experience. To me that's something that's very important about entertainment itself. So from the approach of continuing to create things that are entertaining for people, that's an important direction for me that I want to maintain."

Designer, producer and entertainment analysis and development manager Miyamoto ha a long history with Nintendo, contributing to some of the biggest franchises such as Pikmin, Mario and Zelda.

To read more of his thoughts on the industry, Wii U and his retirement, check out his interview with GamesIndustry International.

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