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Exient opens Leamington Spa studio

"Perfectly aligns with our self publishing plans"

Exient, a UK development studio that's worked with Sony, Rovio and Natural Motion has opened a new studio in Leamington Spa.

"Exient is well aligned with the new era of gaming and the transition into its free-to-play and 'games as a hobby' initiatives as we continue to establish our world class client list and develop our new IPs," said CEO Dave Hawkins.

The company, headquartered in Oxford, also recently opened a studio in Brno in the Czech Republic. The move allows the company to move into the world of self-publishing.

"Both Leamington and Brno Studios are founded on substantial industry experience and enhances the group's extensive experience and ambitions and perfectly aligns with our self publishing plans," said the company's Graeme Monk, while group creative director Mike Haigh said the expansion had been a "long-standing ambition."

Exient's back catalogue includes Angry Birds Trilogy for the Nintendo 3DS, The Sims 3 for the DS and DJ Hero for the Wii and PlayStation 2.

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