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Call of Duty Mobile reached 180m downloads in launch quarter

Sensor Tower: It's the most-downloaded mobile game of Q4 2019, and the second-most-downloaded of the year

Call of Duty: Mobile was the most-downloaded game on both the App Store and Google Play in Q4 2019, and the second-most downloaded game of the full-year 2019.

Launched at the start of the quarter on October 1, Call of Duty: Mobile secured over 180 million downloads according to Sensor Tower's Q4 2019 Data Digest. In its launch quarter, it had the second-best quarter of any mobile game ever in terms of worldwide downloads, losing out only to Pokemon Go's launch in Q3 of 2016.

It was also a standout in revenue in the US in particular, grossing nearly $50 million in its first 90 days. Since 2017, only Fortnite has had a better first 90 days in the US, grossing over $60 million after its mobile launch despite only releasing on the App Store, and not Google Play (it reached $100 million worldwide).

Across both Google Play and the App Store, Sand Balls was the second most-downloaded game in Q4 2019, reaching just under 100 million downloads. It was also No.2 on Google Play.

Mario Kart Tour was the second most-downloaded game on the App Store with over 80 million downloads in Q4. It was No.9 overall across both stores.

Fortnite was No.188 on the App Store, growing 8% quarter-over-quarter. This was Fortnite's first quarter of positive download growth since its 2018 mobile launch.

Games were the top category of download in Q4 on the App Store and Google Play, growing 11.3% year-over-year on the App Store to 2.33 billion downloads, and growing 18.8% year-over-year on Google Play to 8.59 billion downloads.

For the full year, PUBG Mobile was the most-downloaded game, reaching 285 million downloads combined across both store. Garena Free Fire was in second and also surpassed 250 million downloads, putting Subway Surfers in 3rd at over 200 million.

Fun Race 3D was the most-downloaded new game in 2019, with over 200 million downloads. Call of Duty Mobile came in second with its relatively late-year release.

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