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2K Games resolves New Year bug in WWE 2K20

Y2K-style error rendered game unplayable as 2019 ended

WWE fans suffered more troubles with the latest video game over the holiday break, but 2K Games assures the issue has now been fixed.

Reports emerged yesterday that WWE 2K20 was crashing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC any time players tried to load any of the main game modes.

User complaints seem to suggest it was a Y2K-style bug that caused the game to break if it detected the year had become 2020, with many complaining it stopped working after midnight.

This was backed up by Twitter user TheShiningDown, who runs the WWE Supercard subreddit. He claimed changing the system date back by one day resolved the issue.

The 2K Support Twitter account has since tweeted that a fix has been implemented, which can be accessed by restarting the game to automatically download the patch.

WWE 2K20 has been struggling with a number of problem since launch. There were graphical bugs and broken in-game features, plus missing items from the collector's edition. Complaints became so abundant that PlayStation began issuing refunds.

Developer Yuke's split from the franchise back in August, ending its 20-year run at the helm of the series. Since then, it has been in the hands of partner studio Visual Concepts.

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