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Dead Cells Steam owners can now play previous versions of the game

The studio introduces the ability to roll-back the game to previous iterations

Motion Twin has made it possible for Dead Cells players to discover older versions of the game.

Dubbed 'The Legacy Update', the option is available to Steam players via the Beta tab in the Steam library.

There has been a demand from gamers in recent years to experience 'older versions' of service-based games. Older versions of World of Warcraft and Runescape have both been released to considerable success.

Dead Cells is not the first game to introduce such an option, with developers such as The Long Dark creators Hinterland exploring the Steam Betas tab.

"The Legacy Update is something that we've been wanting to do for a long time," Motion Twin said in its update. "As we moved towards regular updates and iterations on the game, we were always bugged by the fact that we were drastically changing the experience that a lot of people had come to love -- something that you all have vocally reminded us of on occasion).

"From here we always wondered whether it would be possible to dig up the old versions of the game and store them somewhere, so that interested players and future generations of developers could look back at how our little game developed and grew into the Action Game of the Year 2018.

"So, now you can load up every major iteration of the game from the first build of Early Access right up to present, and we will of course make sure that we stock all of our future major updates in there too. This way, the nostalgic, the ragers and the "it was better before" crowd will always have the option of playing the version of the game that they loved."

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