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Housemarque puts all other projects on hold to focus on "most ambitious game to date"

Stormdivers, other upcoming titles paused for unannounced project now three years in development

The Finnish studio behind Resogun, Nex Machina, and Matterfall has announced that it will be putting all its currently in-development projects on hold to work on its "most ambitious title yet."

The projects being paused include Stormdivers, Housemarque's in-development battle royale that was originally scheduled for launch in 2019. A new release window has not been suggested.

This is a departure from what Housemarque said back in 2018 when it dedicated itself to creating a new IP it described as "ambitious" and specified as a AAA title. Then, the studio planned to keep working on Stormdivers alongside its other project.

It is not clear if the IP announced then is the same one that Housemarque is dropping everything to focus on. At the moment, the studio has announced very few details. According to an open letter to fans, the project has been in the works for nearly three years and has now entered full production. Housemarque's team of nearly 80 employees are all currently focused on the game, and a "yet-to-be-announced partner" is also involved.

"In closing, Housemarque is very excited to celebrate our 25th Anniversary this Summer, and we are confident that we will pleasantly surprise our fans with the new game," reads a portion of the letter. "We are eagerly awaiting the day we can announce it. At the same time, it is always nerve-wracking to anticipate what your reaction will be when we do finally complete development and the game is out for everyone to enjoy. We've never delivered anything at this scale before. The time is drawing ever closer when our publishing partner will reveal what we are working on, with the launch coming after that."

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