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HTC Vive Pro gets $200 price cut

VR headset on its own now going for $599, Starter Kit for $899, and Full Kit for $1,199

HTC Vive has cut prices on its line of Vive Pro virtual reality headsets, dropping the price on three of its Vive Pro offerings by $200 each.

For those who want the headset on its own, the Vive Pro HMD is now $599. The Starter Kit, which includes the headset as well as two controllers and two Steam VR 1.0 base stations, will sell for $899 going forward. Finally, the Vive Pro Full Kit with the headset, two controllers, and two Steam VR 2.0 base stations, now goes for $1,199.

The Vive Pro Eye headset is not included in the price cuts. The eye-tracking version of the headset remains $999 for the headset on its own, and $1,599 when sold as a Full Kit with controllers and a pair of Steam VR 2.0 base stations.

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