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The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast: A tale of two Nintendos

Nintendo nails the Switch Lite but leaves people scratching their heads with Mario Kart Tour

Matt, Brendan, and Rebekah are on hand this week to discuss all the hottest industry haps, starting with the Oculus Quest. 

Accounting for 20% of Oculus' $100 million lifetime revenue from software in just a few short months, the Quest appears to be a resounding success. Things are looking more positive still though, after Oculus announced it was adding hand-tracking to the hardware as a free update

It's been a big week over at Nintedno's house too though, following the launch of the Switch Lite and Mario Kart Tour, which seems to represent Nintendo at both its best and most clueless at the same time. 

Mario Kart Tour has been a record-breaking mobile game for Nintendo in terms of downloads, but lots of questions still linger about whether its controversial monetisation model will find traction with players. 

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch Lite launched to glowing reviews, only to be mired in the Joy-Con drift fiasco (unfortunately the podcast was recorded before that news broke and so isn't mentioned). Even so, there's still plenty of evidence to suggest that the 2019 holiday period for Nintendo is going to be a real success; Nintendo has both the cheapest and newest hardware on the market this Christmas, and a new Pokémon game arriving in November.

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