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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offering cross-platform play in all modes

Paul Haile: "The industry is hitting a point where we shouldn't restrict people from playing with their friends because of platform choices"

During a livestream today, Call of Duty production manager Paul Haile outlined the details of Call of Duty's first foray into full cross-platform play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

"The industry is hitting a tipping point where we really shouldn't be restricting people from playing with their friends because of platform choices," Haile said during a livestream offering details on the feature.

Modern Warfare will allow players across PS4, Xbox, and PC to play with one another in all game modes, so long as they have a Call of Duty account. This functionality will work both for parties of friends who have invited one another, as well as random match-ups.

Because keyboard and mouse support has been implemented across all platforms, Haile said the game's matchmaking would be weighted toward trying to keep players using similar control schemes together. UI identifiers will indicate which platform players are on, as well as the control scheme they are using.

It will be possible to add players on other platforms as friends via their Call of Duty accounts. An opt-out function will also exist for those who only want to play with others on their same platform.

This makes Call of Duty one of only a handful of games to allow cross-platform play with PS4 and another console platform. Sony has historically been resistant to full cross-platform support for games, though a handful of titles such as Rocket League, Fortnite, and Dauntless have managed to edge in.

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