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ChangYou investing $600 million in mobile games

The Chinese online gaming firm is about to get very serious in the mobile space

ChangYou isn't a household name in the West, but in China, the online games company is well known for free-to-play titles like Zentia and Dragon Oath. The company began as an MMORPG division of Sohu.com, but the booming mobile market has caused ChangYou to take notice and now it's getting serious: to the tune of $600 million. That's how much ChangYou intends to invest in mobile games in the next few years, according to VentureBeat.

From that $600 million, $200 million will be used to acquire mobile games, another $200 million will be leveraged for marketing mobile titles, and the last $200 million will benefit mobile game developers as part of revenue share program during the next three years.

ChangYou's massive investment in the space, called the CYOU Win Plan, could make the company a serious contender in the mobile market in relatively short order.

"2014 will be an exciting year for ChangYou," said Joey Jia, general manager of ChangYou (US). "The $600 Million developer's program offers a tremendous opportunity for independent gaming developers to publish their games worldwide leveraging our expertise in both the PC and mobile space."

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