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Upsight is the result of Kontagent-PlayHaven merger

"Devs shouldn't be building their own analytics, marketing tools, and ad tech"

Last year's Kontagent-PlayHaven merger has resulted in rebranded company Upsight, which combines the experience of the previous two companies to offer an analytics and marketing platform for app developers.

"We all moved into the same office in mid-January and, in just two short months, have built an integrated product including one dashboard and one SDK with a number of brand new features," said Andy Yang, chief executive of Upsight and former CEO of PlayHaven.

"There is no other solution in the market that offers the breadth and depth of our combined offering, and we are thrilled to make this accessible to all developers - not only large enterprise customers but free to developers of every shape and size."

The merger took place in December, with investment from ALTOS Ventures, Battery Ventures,, GGV Capital, Maverick Capital, Morgan Creek and Tandem.

"Restaurant owners don't build their own stoves, ovens, and refrigerators. Similarly, app developers shouldn't be building their own analytics, marketing tools, and ad technology," added Yang, and Josh Williams, CTO of Upsight, agreed.

"We believe that by offering an end-to-end solution we can help developers better manage a highly fragmented mobile ecosystem," Williams said. "Today's launch is a great step forward and we couldn't be more excited by how quickly and efficiently our combined team is solving customer problems."

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