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Former Ubisoft developers form new studio Beans

Dean Evans and Gabriela Salvatore team up to publish unannounced game with Devolver Digital

During publisher Devolver Digital's Devolver Direct presentation today, former Ubisoft developers Gabriela Salvatore and Dean Evans announced a new game studio: Beans.

The team is currently hiring for positions in Toronto to work on an unannounced project to be published by Devolver Digital, with plans to pick up around seven employees by the end of the year.

Salvatore left Ubisoft in 2016 after four years, during which time she worked in numerous roles including game designer on Far Cry 5 and Primal, motion capture production on For Honor, and a story consultant on Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

She then spent three years at Creative Assembly as a game designer on the Total War franchise.

Evans departed Ubisoft in 2018 after 12 years at the publisher, during which time he worked on numerous projects including Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon -- for which he was creative director.

"A lot of people have been complaining about the AAA business and the lack of risk-taking, that I'd be a total fucking hypocrite if I moved forward and didn't take any risks," he said at the time. "So fuck it, I think I might go out and set up my own studio and see where that goes."

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