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11 Bit Studios commits $21m to production of seven games

Four of the new products are through its publishing label, while three are first-party titles

11 Bit Studios is investing more than $21 million in the production of seven different games.

The Polish company's current slate includes four games signed to its publishing label: Fool's Theory's Project Vitriol, Project Botin and Project Foxhole from Moonlighter dev Digital Sun Games, and a new game co-developed by the Spanish studios Chibig and Inverge Studios.

The total investment in these four products will be $6.3 million.

11 Bit Studios is also developing three first-party products, codenamed Project 8, Eleanor, and Dolly. The company's total first-party investment is $15.1 million.

The confirmation of this investment follows its strong first calendar quarter performance -- the company's second highest quarter ever for revenue and profits.

In the quarter ended March 31, 2020, 11 Bit Studios earned PLN 30.5 million (‎€6.8 million) in revenue, more than double the amount earned in the same quarter last year. It also earned PLN 14.5 million (‎€3.2 million) in net profit, up more than 200%.

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