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Our cute pets column has a name | Creature Comforts

We're back with another round of developers' pet pics to help you through the dog days of summer

It's been a little while, but we're back with the third installment of's developer pets series, and as you may have noticed, it finally has a name.

The "Creature Comforts" moniker was suggested by Cammie Lee, executive assistant with Studio Capital Management. And yes, it had us kicking ourselves for not coming up with it.

So in recognition of the help and with much gratitude, we are kicking off this entry of Creature Comforts with Cammie's own Rambo.

Rambo, submitted by Studio Capital Management executive assistant Cammie Lee

Isn't that sweet?

OK, now that you've gotten a taste of the good stuff it's time for the sales pitch.

These pets aren't going to photograph themselves, and they're even less likely to send those pictures in to a dedicated trade website covering video games. So that's where all of you come in.

If you want to see your pet on Creature Comforts, send in your cutest pet pictures to so we can keep running these columns.

Do your part to make the industry a happier place.

Tempi, submitted by Obsidian Entertainment studio head Feargus Urquhart
Lulu, submitted by Obsidian Entertainment studio head Feargus Urquhart
Wolfgang and Calvin, submitted by Xbox Game Pass head of content planning Matt Percy
Akina, submitted by Timberline Studio game designer Nathaniel Chapman
Apollo, submitted by Nick Patterson, PR manager at Bethesda Softworks
Aska, submitted by Nathan Fulton, technical creative director at Timberline Studio
Artemis, submitted by Cardpocalypse game designer Angelo Nikolaou
Yoda, submitted by Cardpocalypse game designer Angelo Nikolaou
Banjo and Kazooie, submitted by Microsoft senior character artist Stevie Cole
Beethoven and Cadwell, submitted by Richard Lambert, creative director at Zenimax Online Studios
Boomer, submitted by 47 PR account manager Monia De Leon
Bruce and Serena, submitted by Jeanie Grazis, associate producer at Mattel Digital Games
Casper, submitted by Massive Entertainment programmer Robin Widegren
Cat, submitted by Nintendo of America business development specialist Mark Hakanson
Cinnamon, submitted by Wonderstruck Games artist Jess Hyland
Loki, submitted by Wonderstruck Games artist Jess Hyland
Coffee, submitted by 47 PR senior account manager Liz Roland
Polly, submitted by Shannon and Ian, operations manager and gameplay programmer at Yacht Club Games
Cosmo, submitted by Plan of Attack co-founder and creative commander Chris Clarke
Cricket, submitted by Jeff Gardiner, project lead for Fallout 76
Neji, submitted by Dacey Willoughby, lead producer at Undead Labs
Jesse, submitted by Undead Labs artist Dan Mod
Liliana, submitted by Undead Labs artist Dan Mod
Bazooka Big-Bada-Boom Bishop, submitted Undead Labs social media manager Megan Bishop
Falcor, submitted by Undead Labs marketing director Wonder Russell
Dilla and Josie, submitted by Sean Krankel, co-founder and studio director at Night School Studio
Galileo (Dog) and Chronos (Tortoise), submitted by David Logan, CEO of Akupara Games
Olivia, submitted by EA Motive writer Jo Berry
Rosetta (Rosie), submitted by EA Tiburon senior technical artist Todd Kusmick
Ernö, submitted by Foam Sword's Rex Crowle
Filo, submitted by Double Fine Productions' Tim Schafer
Fizz, submitted by Farah Coculuzzi, producer at Capybara Games
Harriet, submitted by Phoenix Labs' Dave Sanderson
Henry, submitted by Jen Cadic, head of production at Flight School Studio
Hoisin and Noodle, submitted by Creative Assembly QA coordinator Amy Banner
Liquid Crimson head of security Humphrey, submitted by Liquid Crimson's Jason Lord
Imelda and Mickah, submitted by Sean Baptiste, influencer manager at Bethesda Softworks
Kuba, submitted by SneakyBox communications manager Ricardas Jascemskas
London, submitted by 47 PR account coordinator James Morton
Krypto, submitted by Blain Howard, senior manager, Xbox PR, Windows and devices group
Marlon, submitted by PR consultant Susan Lusty and Joseph Staten, senior creative director at Xbox Game Studios Publishing
Medivh, submitted by Dominic Camuglia, VFX artist at Blizzard
Mystery, submitted by Rory Marquiz, technical director at Mediatonic
Nala, submitted by 47 PR assistant account executive Erin Williams
Vela Games chief morale officer Obi, submitted by Vela Games art director Bruce Glidewell
Precious, Luna, Artemis, and Pepper, submitted by Bryan Pawlowski, lead engineer at Timberline Studio
Ralph the Basil Plant, submitted by Devon Scott-Tunkin, programmer at Young Horses
Rollo, submitted by Walter Kong, executive producer at Blizzard
Ruffian, submitted by Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos
Sparky, submitted by Justin Lalone, lead programmer at Outerloop Games
Spike, submitted by Phoenix Labs' Hilary Dechert Ayres
Tolka, submitted by Phoenix Labs' Hilary Dechert Ayres
Titan, submitted by Sonia Carneiro, executive assistant to the co-founders at Mediatonic
Tracer, submitted by Kirsten Kane, software engineer at Blizzard
Buffy, submitted by Technicolor Animation & Games VP of business development Kristy Scanlan
Felicity (left) and Penelope (right), submitted by Cloud Imperium Games graphics designer Kayleigh Pinhay and VFX artist Aran Anderson
Horace, Ralph, and Gus Gus, submitted by Rust QA tester Darren Arquette
Malkin, who we are assured is 'a sweet boy,' submitted by Fiftycc communications consultant Lizzie Killian
Ted the cat and Clemmie the dog (aka Dobby), submitted by Epic Games EMEA head of games licensing Mike Gamble
Goliath Dav Nation Banks (Golly), submitted by Minecraft Central Creative team producer Tia Dalupan-Wong
Goliath Dav Nation Banks (Golly), submitted by Minecraft Central Creative team producer Tia Dalupan-Wong
Pancake, submitted by owner Jupiter Hadley and Pocket Gamer editor Dann Sullivan
Ponyo, submitted by Dato Kiknavelidze, co-founder of Animmal
Rufus Board, submitted by Ben Board of Epic Games' Unreal Engine European dev relations
Stormzy, submitted by Minecraft Dungeons game designer Cara Hudson
Tilly, submitted by Minecraft Dungeons junior environment artist Stewart Morrison
Tucker, submitted by Evan Bader, PR manager at Sega
Walter, submitted by 47 PR senior director Steve Hahnel
Watson, submitted by Megan Varde, 3D artist at Young Horses
Willow, submitted by Minecraft Dungeons 3D artist Stephen Sharples

That's it for this time. Remember to send your pet pics in to!