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Skull & Bones reportedly gets an internal reboot

Naval battle adventure to take on a "live storytelling" model inspired by Fortnite

Ubisoft's pirate adventure game, Skull & Bones, has reportedly undergone a major internal reboot after multiple delays and the departure of its original creative director.

According to sources speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Skull & Bones is being revamped away from the premium model of other Ubisoft open-world titles to more of a "live storytelling" model, inspired by elements of Fortnite.

While previously the title, developed by Ubisoft Singapore, was grounded in a single-player campaign with the ability to team up alongside four other players to participate in PvP naval battles.

Under its new direction, the game will focus more heavily on collaboration and will have a persistent world with quests, characters, and storylines that will change over time based on what the collective player base is doing -- rather than a story focused around an individual.

Skull & Bones was first announced in 2017, and has since been delayed repeatedly, and is now planned for launch in the fiscal year beginning in April 2021.

Additionally, creative director Justin Farren left the company in June of 2019 for Wargaming, per his LinkedIn, with VGC reporting that former editorial VP Elisabeth Pellen is now in his place.

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