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Find out how COVID-19 has impacted the video games market this week

State of Games is a free event as part of the Live series Live kicks-off this week with a series of talks on the current state of the global games market, and its immediate future.

State of Games takes place on Thursday, July 30th and will run for just over four hours, featuring talks from Ipsos Mori, B2Boost/GSD, Newzoo, Niko Partners, ESA and Sensor Tower. You can register for a free ticket here, which also includes access to the Games Industry Gathering networking event on Friday.

The talks will encompass numerous topics, including the situation within the Asian market, essential facts about the US games sector, and the state of the mobile games business. However, the dominant topic will focus on COVID-19 and how that has transformed player behaviour and game sales globally.

GI Live is an event series that also includes our TV/film/books/games cross-over event Changing Channels (August 13th), our tenth anniversary Investment Summit event (September 9th/10th), and the 2020 UK Best Places To Work Awards (September 18th). will also be programming content as part of the PAX Online/EGX Digital event that takes place Saturday, September 12th - 20th.

State of Games schedule

Thursday July 30th:

16:00 (BST), 11:00 (ET), 08:00 (PT): Pandemic, Recession and Video Games - A European analysis - Aidan Sakiris, Sam Naji, B2Boost/GSD

16:45 (BST), 11:45 (ET), 08:45 (PT): Video games in the UK: State of the play and COVID-19 - Ffion Thomas, Ipsos Mori

17:15 (BST), 12:15 (ET), 09:15 (PT): The Global Games Market: COVID-19 and Next-Gen Impacts - Candice Mudrick, Newzoo

17:45 (BST), 12:45 (ET), 09:45 (PT): The Asia Games Market - What You Need to Know - Alexander Champlin, Niko Partners

18:30 (BST), 13:30 (ET), 10:30 (PT): The State of Mobile Games in 2020 - Craig Chapple, Sensor Tower

19:00 (BST), 14:00 (ET), 11:00 (PT): Essential facts about the US games industry - Stanley Pierre-Louis, ESA

19:30 (BST), 14:30 (ET), 11:30 (PT): The State of Games Panel: Where does the business go from here - Candice Mudrick (Newzoo), Eduardo Mena (Ipsos Mori), Lisa Hanson (Niko Partners), Natacha Hombourger (B2Boost/GSD), Sam Naji (B2Boost) Host: Rebekah Valentine,

Friday, July 31st

19:00 (BST), 14:00 (ET), 11:00 (PT): Access to the Games Industry Gathering networking event

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