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Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz found Crash Override

"Online anti-harassment task force" to provide support for targets of online hate

Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz have founded Crash Override, an online support network for victims of harassment, doxxing and other forms of abuse.

The company, which describes itself as an "online anti-harassment task force", is offering a wide range of support services to people who have been targeted by online harassment, from a friendly ear to legal consultation and advice on how to contact the relevant authorities.

"Crash Override is a support network and assistance group for victims and targets of unique forms of online harassment, composed entirely of experienced survivors," reads the site's mission statement. "Our network includes experts in information security, white hat hacking, PR, law enforcement, legal, threat monitoring, and counselling. Most, if not all, of our agents are former clients. Prior to formal launch, our trial runs had great success in helping victims lock down their information, prevent SWATing attempts, and feel like they were back in control of their online life."

Whilst the service includes several forms of care and assistance, it makes very clear that it will never engage in any form of revenge or counter-harassment.

"Crash Override's process is transparent and thorough. We are not a vigilante group and do not take retaliatory action against abusers. We focus on safety, security, and recovery from incidents of online harassment, using well-established, humane, and transparent channels to disempower abuse and reduce the ability abusers have to perpetuate it. We do not fight harassment with more harassment. We work with law enforcement, media, and social infrastructure to respond to threats, and encourage informed changes in policy and systems to proactively reduce future abuse."

Quinn and Lifschitz have certainly had enough experience of the sharp end of online harassment to consider themselves experts. Both have been explicitly targeted by doxxers, trolls and online bullies. Both were front and centre of the continued and persistent campaigns of unpleasantness which surrounded the Gamergate phenomenon. As a result, Quinn, Lifschitz and countless others found themselves receiving death threats, having personal details published and being SWATted.

Crash Override is funded by private capital. The team is not currently accepting donations.

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