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Ubisoft launches 2015 Graduate Program

Application deadline is January 31

Students have until January 31 to apply for the second Ubisoft Graduate Program, a two year scheme for those who want a career in this exciting industry we call games.

"The Ubisoft Graduate Program is a two-year custom-made experience designed to accelerate access to a career in videogames. We give our graduates responsibilities within specific projects that we know will help them learn faster," says Clémence Bataille, the scheme's project manager.

"Our goal is that graduates accumulate four years of experience in the space of two years. At the end of the program, they will be armed with considerable knowledge of the videogames sector and the company, and will be able to take on the challenges of new and exciting responsibilities within Ubisoft."

To be eligible you must have graduated by the time the program begins in September. Pass that simple requirement and then you'll face local interviews, technical tests and assessments, and interviews with teams at Ubisoft's headquarters. A huge number of Ubisoft studios are taking part, from Singapore to Montreal, Paris and Kiev.

The career paths on offer are Project Management, Online Programming and Gameplay Programming.

"As employees to the firm, you will be paid a salary," said Bataille.

"Salary will be adapted to each local market, competitive offer. For the year abroad we shall fund the relocation cost and housing."

More details about how to apply can be found here.

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