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SuperAwesome announces Unity and Oculus support

Kid-safe advertising now available for both platforms

SuperAwesome, the marketing platform that's laser targeted at children and teenagers, now supports the Unity game engine and has entered a beta stage for support for Oculus.

"Given the huge universe of Unity developers, we're excited to be able to support them with kid-safe advertising," said chief product officer Joshua Wohle.

"As an early Oculus developer myself, I'm also personally thrilled that we're taking the lead for safe, COPPA-compliant kids advertising within the VR sector. I suspect it's going to get much, much bigger".

The company boasts it's able to reach around 200 million young people a month and is home to Swapit, Bin Weevils and Box of Awesome. Its partners include LEGO and MovieStarPlanet and it recently sponsored the The Future8 Awards.

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