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Nintendo offers revenue share to YouTubers

"Creators Program" returns as much as 70 per cent of ad revenue

YouTubers needn't fear making videos about Nintendo products any longer, thanks to a "Creators Program" that offers a 70 per cent advertising revenue share.

That's if a user registers an entire YouTube channel to the scheme. If it's just a standalone video, the share drops to 60 per cent.

In May 2013, Nintendo laid claim to the revenue earned by YouTube videos using its games as a basis. Although it placed ads on certain videos, the company stated that, "unlike other entertainment companies, we have chosen not to block people using our intellectual property."

This marks a turnaround in Nintendo's approach to an increasingly important aspect of the games media. It should be noted, however, that the revenue share model employed by the "Creators Program" isn't the standard model for YouTube.

Some companies remain sceptical about the practice, but a growing number recognise YouTube videos as a valuable resource for finding and engaging an audience. In many cases, content creators aren't required to share any of the revenue they earn from advertising.

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